Sales and purchase support

If you have a question about your order, need information about quantity/reseller discounts, or have a complex deployment that may require hands-on support, file new ticket to us in a private message to discuss it.

Refund and order cancellation

A refund is guaranteed within first 30 days of purchase, and can be performed after order cancellation. A request to staff must be filled to process a refund.

Press and media contacts

Please visit our online press kit for press contact information, logo imagery in scalable formats, and screenshots. For questions contact

Questions and bug reports

Any other requests, questions and bug reports about our open-source Virtualmin GPL, Cloudmin GPL, Webmin, Usermin and Authentic Theme products should generally be brought up in Virtualmin Community forum. Virtualmin Professional and Cloudmin Professional customers may also request support by sending us a private ticket. We try to respond to tickets within 24 hours, seven days a week, including holidays. Please respect that the private ticket support is only for bug reports or queries from our Professional products customers, and we'll try to keep the response time in the forums as low as possible so you still get reliable and fast help even for our open-source software (but, all support for our OSS projects is provided on an as-available basis with no guarantee about response time).