Upgrade Webmin not there?

  • DaveOverton
  • 06/20/07
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Posted: Fri, 2011-10-07 14:46

2 SL 6.1 standalone servers...

In the "webmin - webmin configuration" screen on 1 of my SL6.1 boxes the option to "upgrade webmin" is right there for me to see and use, but another mostly same box has no such option.

As near as I can tell the webmin side of both are configured identical, but one has virtualmin pro, the other virtualmin gpl. The one without "upgrade webmin" is the gpl version.

I noticed it because when I did the upgrade to webmin 1.570 from .56 on the first server, it went just fine, but then saw that there was no upgrade option on the 2nd. I did in fact upgrade it using the rpm from sourceforge, so it works fine once installed.

I am posting just to see if anyone else is seeing this kind of sillyness?