What is Virtualmin

Virtualmin is a powerful and flexible web hosting control panel for Linux and BSD systems. Available in an open-source community-supported version, and a more feature-filled version with premium support, Virtualmin is the cost-effective and comprehensive solution to virtual web hosting management. And, Virtualmin is the most popular and most comprehensive open-source control panel with over 150,000 installations worldwide.

Virtualmin Features

Virtualmin is a uniquely powerful and flexible web server administration tool. It is unmatched in features and flexibility. Based on Webmin, it offers a wide array of productivity-enhancing tools for hosting providers, web developers, web designers, and end users.

Domain Accounts

Virtualmin provides powerful and flexible domain accounts, called virtual servers, and sub-servers, allowing users to manage their own websites. This allows delegation of management of websites to users on your server; a website owner can safely be delegated privileges for managing mail, DNS, databases, web applications, and more.


Virtualmin helps you and your customers manage mailboxes, forwarders, autoresponders, alias, spam and antivirus scanning, and provides several powerful web-based mail clients including Usermin with full Virtualmin integration, RoundCube, and Squirrelmail. Cloud mail delivery providers support is useful for systems with dynamic IPs to reliably send email by using outgoing SMTP providers, like Amazon SES.

User and Reseller Accounts

Virtualmin provides powerful tools to allow delegation of many common administrative tasks to your customers and end users, empowering them and freeing you and your IT staff from the tedious chores of managing websites, databases, domains, and users. Virtualmin GPL provides domain owner accounts, which can create new websites, install applications, manage mail accounts and databases, view logs, and edit files. Virtualmin Professional adds reseller accounts, allowing you to delegate creation of domain owner accounts. Access Control List features provide fine-grained access control, and are configurable using Account Plans and Server Templates.


A primary concern for any web hosting server administrator, Virtualmin provides a number of tools to help you keep your systems and your data safe. All of our products are provided via system-standard package repositories (yum/dnf on CentOS/RHEL or apt on Debian/Ubuntu), so updating them is easy and can be automated. Updating both system packages and Install Scripts web applications can be performed easily from within the UI. Virtualmin also allows use of Webmin's two factor authentication, certificate logins, brute force protection, and many other security features.

Alerts, Graphs, and Logs

Virtualmin provides easy viewing and searching of system and web server logs, advanced monitoring and email/text alerts for services and network status, system software and web apps update notifications, and current usage details. Virtualmin Professional adds historic system graphs for memory, CPU, processes, and much more.

Backups And Cloud Integration

Virtualmin makes it easy to keep good backups of your websites, databases, mailboxes, and more, and makes it easy to migrate to a new Virtualmin server. Cloud storage support for Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and Rackspace Cloud means that whatever cloud provider you prefer, you'll be able to integrate Virtualmin into your infrastructure quickly and easily. Pre-installed Virtualmin images are available for several cloud server providers, as well, making it easy to host a Virtualmin system on cloud-based servers.

Cloud DNS Providers

Virtualmin helps to use DNS services other than your own system, like Cloudflare DNS, Google Cloud DNS and Amazon Route 53. These typically provide higher availability and faster DNS lookups to clients.


Virtualmin provides comprehensive tools for managing databases, and delegation of management to account holders. Adding, removing, exporting and importing database dumps, and more, can all be accomplished from within the UI. In addition, PHPMyAdmin and PHPPgAdmin Install Scripts are provided for both Virtualmin GPL and Virtualmin Professional, providing familiar tools for working with databases.

Install Scripts

Virtualmin GPL provides easy to install web applications for database management, web mail, WHMCS, and more. Virtualmin Professional provides over 60 web applications for nearly every need: CMS, CRM, forums, commerce, issue tracking, community, webmail, database management, mailing list management, and much more. Your domain account owners can manage their own web applications, and Virtualmin makes it easy to keep them up to date.


Virtualmin provides fully featured interactive shell in a terminal. This shell and the processes running in it have the same privileges as if the user had logged in via SSH.

Webmin Integration

Virtualmin is built on top of Webmin, by the same team, and is fully integrated with its user management, monitoring features, software management, ACLs, and security features. The combination of powerful systems management and web hosting control panel features makes Virtualmin uniquely powerful and flexible in its class. No other web hosting control panel can match the comprehensive management capabilities of Virtualmin and Webmin combined.


User and Group Integration

Virtualmin users are Webmin users, providing Webmin's extensive action logging, Access Control Lists, and more. Webmin is known for allowing delegation of administrative duties to lower privileged users, allowing lower skill users to maintain services like DNS, email, and web servers. Virtualmin expands and enhances this delegation to allow an untrusted user to manage their own websites, email users, databases, web applications, backups and more.




Virtualmin includes Webmin's powerful monitoring features, which allows monitoring all of the services in a Virtualmin system, as well as vital system stats like disk space, CPU load, network availability, mail queue, and more. Administrators can be notified via email or SMS, and in the event of a failure, a custom command can be executed to perform any action desired.



Security Features

Virtualmin utilizes Webmin's extensive security infrastructure, including action logging for auditing, two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator or Authy, certificate-based authentication, SSL/TLS encryption, firewall management, brute force protection, and IP access controls. No other control panel offers more comprehensive security options.

Linux Firewall

Virtualmin includes and integrates with Webmin's firewall management capabilities to help manage the system firewall. Whether you use the simplified FirewallD or more advanced and flexible iptables, Webmin includes a management UI for firewall rules in iptables, FirewallD, Shorewall, ipfw, and ipfilter.

Why Virtualmin?

Virtualmin has competition. A lot of it. We even compete with ourselves when it comes to choosing to purchase your tools or select an open-source option. We think we've built the most powerful and flexible web hosting control panel in the world in nearly every area.


Flexibility Where You Need It

Virtualmin is unlike anything else, when it comes to flexibility and power. Designed by system administrators for system administrators, it works with you to configure services and accounts in the way you choose.


Ease of Use Where You Want It

Virtualmin isn't just for hard core system administrators. It scales back the complexity of the UI based on the privileges of the logged in user, and allows delegation of tasks, based on skill and level of trust.


Extensible, Scriptable, Customizable

Virtualmin was made to be extended, scripted, and customized. With a modular architecture, you can write new modules and themes, drive it from scripts or other programs, and create Server Templates to suit your needs.


Command Line Friendly

With Virtualmin, working from the UI is not the only way to do it. With complete command line access to nearly all UI functions, and the ability to configure most services using standard text editors and tools, Virtualmin works your way.


Maximize Efficiency

Virtualmin has always been focused on automating away repetitive tasks without impeding your ability to customize. Simplifying complex tasks is a Virtualmin specialty.


Professional Support

Virtualmin support is provided by the people who build and maintain the software. When you file a support ticket with us, you'll receive prompt, expert, advice. Tickets are usually answered within 24 hours, and every member of our staff has years of experience.