Virtualmin is the leading and most sophisticated web hosting control panel designed for Linux systems. It supports a wide range of Linux distributions, including Debian and Ubuntu, Rocky Linux, AlmaLinux, and RHEL. Available in both a community-supported open-source GPL version and a feature-rich Pro version, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for web hosting management. It is ideal for web developers, IT professionals, and hosting providers, simplifying server security updates and the deployment of web applications ranging from WordPress to Django to ensure ease of use and a seamless website management experience.

Virtualmin Features

Virtualmin is a uniquely powerful and flexible web server administration tool. It is unmatched in features and flexibility. Based on Webmin, it offers a wide array of productivity-enhancing tools for hosting providers, web developers, web designers, and end users.

The strength of Virtualmin lies in its minimalistic approach, utilizing the OS's provided software to keep your systems lean. Its non-intrusive nature and respect for your server configurations, along with the ease of migration from cPanel/Plesk and straightforward backup solutions, makes it indispensable.

Why Virtualmin?

Virtualmin has competition. A lot of it. We even compete with ourselves when it comes to choosing to purchase your tools or select an open-source option. We think we’ve built the most powerful and flexible web hosting control panel in the world in nearly every area.

Flexibility where you need it

Virtualmin is unlike anything else, when it comes to flexibility and power. Designed by system administrators for system administrators, it works with you to configure services and accounts in the way you choose.

Ease of use where you want it

Virtualmin isn’t just for hard core system administrators. It scales back the complexity of the user interface based on the privileges of the logged in user, and allows delegation of tasks, based on skill and level of trust.

Maximize efficiency

Virtualmin has always been focused on automating away repetitive tasks without impeding your ability to customize. Simplifying complex tasks is a Virtualmin specialty.

Extensible, scriptable, customizable

Virtualmin was made to be extended, scripted, and customized. With a modular architecture, you can write new modules and themes, drive it from scripts or other programs, and create Server Templates to suit your needs.

Command line friendly

With Virtualmin, working from the user interface is not the only way to do it. With complete command line access to nearly all user interface functions, and the ability to configure most services using standard text editors and tools, Virtualmin works your way.

Professional support

Virtualmin support is provided by the people who build and maintain the software. When you file a support ticket with us, you’ll receive prompt, expert, advice. Tickets are usually answered within 24 hours, and every member of our staff has years of experience.

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