Make Money Advertising Virtualmin Products

The Virtualmin Affiliate Program pays up to 15% on referral sales of all Virtualmin, Inc. software products. Referrals can be generated with text links or banners.

**Qualification for the Virtualmin Affiliate Program**

To participate in the Virtualmin Affiliate Program, the following requirements must be met:

* You must be a regular user of Virtualmin products (Open Source or commercial, including Webmin, Usermin, Virtualmin, and Cloudmin product lines).
* The participating website or websites must be related to fields where Virtualmin products are useful. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to: Web hosting, web development, software development, Open Source software, web design, web marketing, cloud computing, server and systems management, database management, and content management systems.
* The participating website or websites must consist of legitimate, original, content owned by you. Scraped or auto-generated content is not permitted, even if the content is licensed in such a way that its use is legal. If your site has both types of content, you may only advertise Virtualmin products on the original content portions of the site. Please contact to let us know the details, if this is the case.
* The participating website or websites must be of a high level of quality and provide a reasonable balance of content vs. advertising. The definition of "quality" and "reasonable balance" is at the discretion of Virtualmin, Inc.

Qualification is decided on a case-by-case basis, and is determined solely by Virtualmin, Inc. Participation may be canceled at any time by either party. Your website will be reviewed periodically by Virtualmin, Inc. in order to insure continued compliance with these terms.

**Benefits of the Virtualmin Affiliate Program**

As a Virtualmin Affiliate, you receive up to 15% on purchases referred from your website for all Virtualmin, Inc. products. With products ranging in price from $49 to $999, your referral payments could be as much as $149 for a single product purchase! (Obviously, the average payment per sale will be lower than this.)

You get the satisfaction of knowing the advertising on your website is for a product that is not only likely to be more profitable than pay-per-click ads, you're also helping to sell a product that you can feel good about. Virtualmin, Inc. offers a 45-day money-back guarantee on every product we sell, so we guarantee satisfaction. We offer unlimited commercial support for all of our Virtualmin Professional and Cloudmin Professional products. And, most importantly, we are the developers of Webmin and Usermin, two of the most popular Open Source systems management tools in the world, and by supporting Virtualmin, Inc. you are supporting continued development and growth of those projects.

**Prohibited Activities**

As a Virtualmin, Inc. Affiliate, you agree to abide by the following terms whenever marketing or discussing Virtualmin, Inc. products:

* No spam in any medium (email, forums, mailing lists, chat, voice, etc.). Our no-spam policy for affiliates is strictly enforced, and failure to comply will result in immediate termination of affiliate privileges. Payments on prior sales will be withheld for an additional 45 days, in this event, in order to insure sales generated are legitimate.
* No bots. Ditto for the no-spam policy.
* No astroturfing. While we encourage you to discuss Virtualmin products in the world at large, and answer questions and talk about how you use Virtualmin products, we don't want to see our affiliates posting to forums about Virtualmin for the purpose of linking to their own affiliate links pages. This is a fine line, but we intend to be pretty strict about it.
* No up-selling. We don't try to up-sell our users from Virtualmin GPL or Cloudmin GPL to the Professional product lines, and we'd like for you to have the same attitude. Users of those products are very likely to upgrade in the future (and if the user found us through your site, they'll likely still have a cookie and you'll still get your referral). We encourage you, though do not require you, to link to both our Open Source and commercial products.

Our affiliate system includes a number of spam preventative measures, which also limit the ways in which affiliate links can be used. In the interest of avoiding spam, referrals must originate from *your website* that we have on file for you. We are currently working on supporting multiple websites from a single Affiliate account.

**Payment Policies**

Referral payments will be made on a monthly or quarterly schedule, dependent on sales volume. Payments will be held for a minimum of 45 days, to accommodate refund requests.

Payments will be made to the PayPal account on record for your account. Payments cannot be made via any other method at this time.

**Signing Up**

To sign up for the Virtualmin Affiliate program, visit the [My Account](/user) page, and click the *Apply for Role* tab. Select "Affiliate" in the dropdown list, and click *Apply*.

Once you've applied for the affiliate role, click on the *Edit* tab in your account page, and click *Affiliate Information*. Here you can fill in your PayPal email address, where payments will be sent, and the website address where you will be marketing Virtualmin products.

Your website will be reviewed, and you may be contacted about your application, before it will be approved.

Once you've been approved, browse to *My Account* and then click *Affiliate Center*. You can use the provided banners or text links on your website to promote Virtualmin products, and get paid when your readers buy. You can also get reports of clicks and sales generated from your referrals.