Cloudmin Cloud Computing Control Panel

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Cloud Computing Everywhere

Cloudmin is a new cloud computing platform from the developers of Webmin, Virtualmin, and Usermin. Cloudmin enables hosting providers to offer new kinds of services, and enterprise data centers to evolve into private clouds, all from existing infrastructure.

The four best ways to manage your cloud

Cloudmin offers four methods for managing your cloud infrastructure: Web, mobile device, command line, and remote API. Cloudmin is always available, no matter where you are or how you want to work. Integrate with Virtualmin, Webmin, and Usermin for management of your whole data center, from servers to users and applications.

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Build a private cloud, integrate with the public cloud, and manage your heterogeneous network. Cloudmin helps you build your cloud and maximize your existing infrastructure while taking advantage of Amazon Web Services when needed, Virtualmin enables web application hosting and user management, Webmin brings it all together.

Hosting Provider

Offer compelling cloud services to your customers with Cloudmin, provide an integrated control panel with Virtualmin, and maximize your infrastructure ROI. Become a reseller to provide privately branded Virtualmin products and be the single point of contact for your customers, while increasing your per-customer revenue.

Hybrid Clouds

Cloudmin enables heterogeneous hybrid clouds, using both private and public infrastructure. Cloudmin supports private virtualized system management via Linux Xen, Solaris Zones, OpenVZ, and vservers, as well as management of public cloud resources via Amazon EC2 instances, all from the same UI.

Cloudmin Introductory Offer!

Cloudmin is our new cloud computing control panel. Cloudmin provides a unified UI for building cloud services based on Linux Xen, Solaris Zones, Linux vservers, OpenVZ, and Amazon AWS. Cloudmin also supports physical servers, allowing you to gradually migrate your websites into the cloud. Cloudmin, like Webmin and Virtualmin, is designed with flexibility in mind.

Build your own cloud, integrate with existing clouds, and migrate existing servers into the cloud on your schedule, and do it with industry standard technology like Xen and Zones. With a comprehensive web-based UI and scriptable API, you can build the cloud services you want to use, while leveraging existing cloud services, like those provided Amazon Web Services, when needed.

We're extremely excited, and we want everyone to try it, so we're offering all of our Cloudmin products for 50% off. As with Virtualmin, we also offer a 45 day money back guarantee on Cloudmin, so there's no risk and you'll get the lowest price that we will ever offer.

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