Cloudmin 50% Off Introductory Offer!

We're so excited about our new cloud computing management product, that we're selling it for half off!

About Cloudmin

Cloudmin is a new product from the folks who brought you Webmin, Usermin, and Virtualmin. It provides management of multiple virtualized system types, as well as management of existing Virtualmin and Webmin systems. Cloudmin allows building new virtualized cloud services, integration with existing cloud services provided by Amazon (more to come!), and tools to assist you in migrating from physical systems into the cloud.

What Cloudmin Does

With Cloudmin, you can create and manage virtualized server instances using Xen, Zones, OpenVZ, vservers, and Amazon EC2 technologies. You can also manage existing physical servers, whether running Virtualmin, Webmin, or merely ssh. Cloudmin aggregates system data for providing charts, allows migration of Virtualmin domains across instances as well as to or from physical Virtualmin servers, and provides a comprehensive, but simple to use, API for making changes from your own applications.

Cloudmin is a Turnkey Solution for Building Clouds

Cloudmin is designed to allow hosting providers to begin offering cloud-based services quickly and easily, and to allow enterprise IT staff to convert existing infrastructure into a "private" cloud. Cloud computing is an aggregation of many old, and a few new, ideas in maximizing computing infrastructure, and Cloudmin brings them under one UI and API, making it possible to start taking advantage of cloud computing immediately, even if a mass-migration of services into the cloud is still many years in the future for your company.

Getting Cloudmin

Cloudmin is available now, during our introductory offer, for the lowest prices we will ever offer. You can get started for as little as fifty cents per instance per month! Cloudmin is also available in a version without virtualization management features (kind of Cloudmin without the cloud) for management of existing Virtualmin and Webmin servers, if you aren't quite ready to dive into this new-fangled "cloud computing" thing, but still want cool management tools for your multi-server hosting operations. The following links will take you directly to Cloudmin products in our shop. Purchases are available immediately, and all Virtualmin, Inc. products are backed by a 45 day 100% money back guarantee.

50% Off!

Cloudmin for 10 instances annual license for only $149 - That's less than $1.25 per virtual instance per month!

Cloudmin for 50 instances annual license for only $299 - That's less than $0.50 per virtual instance per month!

And, for those folks with Virtualmin servers you want to manage quickly and easily, Cloudmin for Physical Servers brings you all the cool Cloudmin management and data aggregation features, without the virtualized system management capabilities, and at a great price of only $79 for unlimited servers!

If you are interested in larger quantity purchases of Cloudmin, or Virtualmin Professional, please contact