DNS Domain Registrars

Is there a way to use a different DNS Domain Registrars then the ones listed ?

Can new ones be added ?

I use Dotster and am very happy with them.




Not without writing some code - each registrar that Virtualmin supports has a different API, so code needs to be written to call that API to create and manage domains. Dotster (assuming it has an API at all) would need code to be written to handle it specifically ..

Well I know they have a web backend.

What would be the chance of support if they have an api for that ?


If they have an API, it might be possible to support them. Adding a new registrar is a fair bit of work though, so I only tend to support those that are pretty widely used.

Currently we are working on support of the Polish NASK registrar and Denmark ASCIO. If anyone is interested in these.

Well they have been around for more then 10 years. How big they are I do not know.

But if you want big, then why not have "Go Daddy" ?

Who I would never give my money to again...

Just a thought, I put in an email to them to see what kind of API they might have.

When/if I find out I will pass it on.


I'am interested in writing some code to support some APIs (AFNIC, Gandi, OnlineNic, Free). Which scripts are involved ? Which is the relative documentation ?

@expro : have you evaluated the time/efforts required to adapt the code for one API ? I could be interested in your code.

oh, I've looked at /usr/libexec/webmin/virtualmin-registrar and will examine the virtualmin-registrar-lib.pl, virtual_feature.pl, XXXX-type-lib.pl scripts to understand how it works

Yeah, exploring the existing registrar module is probably the best way to learn how to write code for handling a new registrar.

I don't believe there's any documentation specific to writing code for registrars, though you can read about creating Virtualmin plugins here:


To support a new registrar, you need to create a new *-type-lib.pl file in the virtualmin-registrar directory, which implements all the functions seen in a file like gandi-type-lib.pl .

You also need to add it to the registrar_types block in virtualmin-registrar-lib.pl , and perhaps add some entries to the lang/en file for strings specific to your new registrar.

thank you all. no time currently, but it will be scheduled! Michel