File not found after changing to authentic theme

Afterl installing Webmin latest version downloaded installer script, i just changed the theme to authentic, and then i only saw file not found. So i couldn't do anything else, than uninstall. The next install failed, so i rebuilt my server one more time, this time without webmin. Afterwards i rebuilt again with virtulamin, and then i was able to change themes.




Howdy -- sorry that you had problems switching themes!

Unfortunately, sometimes unusual messages can occur in the theme switching process.

They often are fixable just by reloading the page or restarting Webmin.

It sounds like things are working okay for you now though?

Neither worked for me, whether reloading nor restarting. So i rebuilt the system, by using virtualmin in the process, not webmin .. so to say, sorta working now. ...

I was wondering, becuase i switched the theme some time ago on other machines without problems... Best

If you run into that again, let us know and we'd be glad to look into it!

Unfortunately, it's tough for us to say what might have gone wrong without being able to troubleshoot it while it's occurring.