cloundmin Upgrade


We´ve just bought a Cloundmin License upgrade from 10 to 250. Order number is 31233 a must be aplied to Cloundmin serial number: 5563303.





Howdy -- sorry for the delay!

We had some server problems last night, and I got behind on the support tracker.

Upgrading Cloudmin isn't quite as simple as upgrading Virtualmin for some odd reason. I'm going to talk to Jamie about adding a quick and easy way to do that.

However, what you'll need to do in the meantime is edit /etc/server-manager-license, as well as /etc/yum.repos.d/virtualmin.repo, and change references of your older "5563303" serial number to instead use the newer one you purchased, 5563577 / J4JawaYFj3 .

Eric - do we need a change-licence command for Cloudmin as well?

Yes sorry I didn't have a chance to email you about that yet -- but that's what I think we could use, a change-license/change-licence command for Cloudmin.

That already exists though - users can run cloudmin change-licence --serial XXX --key YYY

Well, nuts! I had looked but didn't see it. I'm apparently just blind. Thanks for the heads up!