creating Ec2 instance

HI Im moving one of my clients who have a hosting re seller account with around 200 domain to run on Cloudmin + Virtualmin. Now Ive installed and setup Cloudmin and Ive added my AWS account details but I can not create a instance.

Either I select the security group I want to use and I get a error saying "that I need to make sure security group is for all items" . Or I leave the setting a default and I get a error saying "virtualmin security group already exists".

So I then delete the virtualmin security group and I get a error saving failed to create security group.

So I can not leave the setting as default and let cloudmin create it as it can not I can not tell it which security group to use or a get a error saying its not for all items what ever then means So please why can I not create a EC2 server ??



That seems like a bug - on the EC2 instance creation form, is the field for selecting a security group visible?

yes, I can either leave default or select the group I want if I leave default it either fails saying virtualmin security group exists. Or if I delete the virtualmin group and try again its errors saying can not create group and if I select the group I want I get this error.

Creating virtual system with Amazon EC2 .. .. creation failed : When specifying a security group you must specify one of group id or group name for each item

Hmm, looks like the EC2 HTTP API has changed - I'm looking into what it would take to fix Cloudmin to support this now.

Actually, I was able to create an EC2 instance just fine with the current Cloudmin code.

Which AMI were you using? Also, which zone is your EC2 account in?

i was using the base Ubuntu image. (all Cloudmin images are on old hardware). and are not in Australian region.

AWS zone ap-southeast-2

ALso this is a new aws account so we can only created instances in a VPC.

all Cloudmin or Virtualmin images are on previous generation aws hardware

each time i used AWS Cli to create instance using one of your images i get a error saying not a support instance type.

so i created a ubuntu 16 on ec2 T2 medium . I then installed cloudmin which is running but i can not create any instance from cloudmin.

I wonder if this is somehow related to the AWS region - do you get the same error in other regions, like us-east-1?

Not Tried. I did a few installs when testing setup.

1st was using your image via AWS cli and as the images were in us region I created them there but as they used previous generation EC2 instances I could not create using any of the current generation eg: T2.

2nd time I installed in ap-southeast-2 region but I had to install from scripts so I used the default Ubuntu 16.04 image and install cloudmin and virtual pro via Debian script.

3rd install same as above but with storage set for production. So the master instance I installed both scripts but first I changed the host name and added the DNS to host file as this is running the DNS domain for this server. So once Cloudmin installed it created a zone Cloudmin + domain-name "" So I then created my DNS zone "" with two hostnames and pointed our DNS register to and ns2 , I then removed the full DNS name from the host file so now I had Cloudmin installed and running the DNS for its self all working.

My Next step was to create a 2nd Instance as I want to create via cloudmin and then I was going to save that as my master image.

As we are in the process of moving our sites I was going to run 2 instance as a replica then once all our sites are over I was going to create a scaling group as well but to have this work from when I read I think I need to be able to have cloudmin create a AWS instance so it can scale up when needed.

Now if you want I can install and try in US region. But I don't think its a region issue as the security group thats fails either not being able to create one or not able to use one already created.

Also I don't know if this is a issue but on my AWS account that I had for years I can create instances in classic or VPC . But as this account is only about 12 months old It's under the new rules were its either default VPC or other VPC.

There have been a few fixes in Cloudmin recently for EC2 support that may be relevant - I can send you an update if you like? Just let me know which Linux distro your cloudmin master runs on.