Cloudmin connect

Hello :) So I'm trying cloudmin connect, but I have a question to make sure I get it right : If I have 3 servers A, B and C, cloudmin connect is installed on A, I create an owner that has full rights and the ability to create 100 of each capability, and can manage A, B and C.

If I want to use cloudmin service to put the db and dns on another server, I can only set as the remote server the one where cloudmin connect is installed right? For example, I can feature the dns and db for server B on A, but I can't do B on C or A on C, am I right? Because I tried, it worked from B to A, but when I tried from A to B, it said unauthorized.

And last question, if I'm on server A and go in cloudmin -> virtualmin settings -> cloudmin service, I need to set systems for service hosting before what I try just before, or it's unrelated? (I did just in case)

Thank you :)




Cloudmin connect only needs to be installed on a single master system - it can then setup Virtualmin hosts to use any system that it manages (including itself) as a DNS or MySQL host.

And for your last question, the answer is yes you need to select systems for hosting first.

Ok, so I don't really understand why I got unauthorized when I tried from B to be host for A :( Also, I just tried, after a new installation of server B to create a new domain with server A as host for DNS and mysql, but I got this : "Creating MySQL database lefev on services host .. .. creation error : MySQL database grant to owner failed : Failed to fetch allowed hosts for user o_owner" (username for the owner is owner)

Which version of Cloudmin Connect are you running there? You can check with the command dpkg --list webmin-cloudmin-services

I have this version: 1.7

The problem when trying to host the db of server B on A (this cloudmin link works), it seems to work now, no mysql error, so that's good.

And for my other problem, when trying to activate cloudmin (only DB) from server A (where cloudmin connect is installed) and have server B to host, I get this: "Checking login to services host .. .. check failed : HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized"

(I hope I'm clear, and Ijust made a clean re-install of both servers A and B, no C)

PS: it would be nice to have an option to completely remove the link for cloudmin service, and not just deactivate the service and edit a file on the server :)

Oh, so does server A have both Cloudmin and Virtualmin installed?

Oh, I need to at least install cloudmin gpl? I thought because cloudmin connect was needed only on 1 server, I didn't have to install cloudmin at all on other servers.

No, you don't need to have Cloudmin installed on the other system - only on the master. I was just unsure from your description which systems it was installed on.