Cloudmin Error "license does not appear to be valid" when trying to install second host server

I purchased a license for 10 VM's and I'm trying to install cloudmin on a second host server in order to have each server host 5 VM's each, but when running the install script on the second server it exits with the following error "license does not appear to be valid". Could you please help me get Cloudmin installed on the second server? Thank you for your time.

  • Andre


You only need to install Cloudmin on a single system - the second host can be added as a physical system and then KVM host on the first machine, so that they can both be managed from a single console.

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Submitted by hyper3xpl0iter on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 11:53

Is it the same with Xen? what do I install on the second system? Just webmin alone? Thanks for the quick reply

You need to install Webmin and the Xen tools and kernel.