PHP-FPM pm.max_children and control panel and server templates

Hello, I don't know if already discussed but I don't think so.

1) pm.max_children

you set it to 9999

probably you confused this option with pm.max_requests

they are different.

If you set pm.max_children to 9999, on high load the server is unusable for sure or crash. A small botnet or some concurrents users crash the server.

So, I think you misunderstood with pm.max_requests

2) FPM control panel

it would be useful to control fpm from a control panel where you can set some variables like pm.variable, php_admin_value[var] indeed...

per domain with a dropdown and save options or something like that...

3) Server template for FPM

How do you set it at the moment? Seems not existing....

thank you



1 - Known issue, will be fixed in the upcoming 5.99 Virtualmin release.

2 - There is no way (yet) to edit per-domain FPM settings, but we're working on it.

3 - Do you mean a template for the per-domain FPM config file?

3) server template for 2) FPM settings (pm.variable, php_admin_value[var]...)

eg. I want that

Template ONE has

pm.max_children = 4
php_admin_value[memory_limit] = 64M

Template TWO different than ONE and so on...

thank you

and also...

why on /etc/php-fpm.d

pools are named as 141341030325393.conf instead of eg. domain_name_pool.conf or something like that ?

this way is difficult to distinguish, you need to check the running processes sorted by user to understand what pool belongs to the user.

Ok, the template idea makes sense - I'll put this on our TODO list, as it's closely related to general editing of those .conf files.

As to why the numeric names - this is intentional, as those are Virtualmin's internal domain IDs which never change even if the domain is renamed.