Use Backblaze B2 API to send backups to BackBlaze B2

I have been using BackBlaze B2 to store backups of my non virt servers and it rocks. I request virt add B2 support as a backup destination. They ahve an API, and they are much cheaper than any of your other listed cloud storage providers. If you'd like i can find the api...but i am not a developer..:)



btw for ubuntu operating systems you could leverage Duplicati 2.0 which is already present in the base packages of the distros IIRC.

Do they have a command-line tool as well, or just a published HTTP API?

I'll look into this - it's certainly possible to implement.

has this been implemented?

Sorry, we unfortunately don't have an ETA.

I was just about to provide an example of how to use Duplicity in the meantime until we're able to add feature into Virtualmin, but reading your comments above it sounds like you're already quite familiar with that.

That would be my recommendation for now, to use Duplicity from cron until that feature is completed.

no worries. I have a workaround in place that doesn't involve going outside of virt(experience has taught me going outside of virt leads to bad things with virt). I make heavy use of the current backup feature so I found a different way. However once B2 is directly implemented it will allow me to greatly reduce my complexity in the hosting backend..:)

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I just use rclone to copy the entire contents of the backup directory to Backblaze as a post-backup command (using the Virtualmin backup GUI). It hasn't failed yet.

TECHNICALLY i already am. however it would be nice for virt to be able to do it directly. However the system i have setup gives me my three layer backup system for my webhosting clients so it's not a huge priority for me at the moment..:)

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I think I have seven-day retention set up on that bucket. I forget offhand. It's so cheap, it doesn't pay NOT to be redundant about it.