Webmin - Disk Quotas - Hard Limit resets


We have a situation regarding disk quotas and hard limits. This spans several hosting servers with the following versions

OS: Debian linux 6.0, 7.0, Webmin: 1.890

OS: Ubuntu 14.04.1 Webmin: 1.900

OS: Ubuntu 14.04.2, 16.04.1 Webmin: 1.894

OS: Ubuntu 16.04.1 Webmin: 1.900

Several domains on these servers have a hard and a soft limit, we only use soft limits because we don't want to break any site / customer mail flow. Yesterday I manually switched the hard limit to unlimited in webmin --> system --> disk quotas. Today the hard limits are back for both groups and users. The affected domains are domains that have been migrated from a old hosting server (webmin /os version unknown and not recoverable). We'd very much like these domains to not contain a hard limit. Could you shed some light on this?


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Did you disable use of hard limits by Virtualmin on the "Virtualmin Configuration" page?

We disabled them via GUI ie

  1. Go to Webmin
  2. Go to System -> Disk Quotas
  3. Open user or groups
  4. Select a customer where hard limit is enabled
  5. Disable hard limit

After doing this it all looked good, except the following day all hard limits had been re-enabled.

You should also tell Virtualmin to only set soft limits at System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default settings -> Administration user

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Dear Jamie,

Thanks! It turned out some old server templates had also been migrated where the Administration user was set on Hard Limits. After changing this everything stayed on the soft limits!