Creating a GCE Virtual Machine

Once you have registered at least one GCE project with Cloudmin, you can create a GCE instance under that project as follows :

1. On the left menu, open the **Create System** category and click on **Create GCE instance**. This will open the **Create New System** page.
2. In the **Internet hostname** field, enter the hostname you want this system to be setup with. Note that this will not be automatically registered in DNS.
3. In the **System description** field enter a short description, like "Foo Corp's webserver".
4. From the **SSH key for root menu**, select one of your keys. GCE instances can only be accessed using a key, so you must have at least one key registered with Cloudmin first.
5. Under **Host and networking options** , select an image to create this instance from using the **GCE system image** menu. By default only images from the standard Linux distributions provided by GCE are listed.
6. To change the resources available to the instance, select a size from the **GCE instance type** menu.
7. To control the location the instance will be created in, select a region from the **Create instance in zone** menu.
8. Click the **Create** button.

Once instance creation completes, you will be able to manage the system like any other VM created by Cloudmin. This process typically takes between 1 and 5 minutes, depending on the location and image size.