Creates a new virtualmin domain on one system

This command creates a Virtualmin top-level domain on a specified managed system. You must specify the --host parameter, followed by the name of a host to create on (which of course must have Virtualmin installed). Alternately, you can use the --host-selector flag followed by either mem, cpu, space or domains to have Cloudmin selector a host based on free resources.

Other required parameters are --domain and --pass, followed by the domain name and password respectively. You also need to choose features, either with the --default-features option, or multiple uses of --feature followed by a feature code like web or dir.

The command may take a few seconds to run, and will output the messages from the Virtualmin command run on the remote system. Even though it is effectively invoked remotely, you cannot use all of the same command-line flags that it supports.

Example usage

  cloudmin create-domain --host xencentos.home --domain --desc "Example domain" --pass foo --feature dir --feature unix --feature web --feature webmin
  Creating Virtualmin domain on xencentos.home ..
  Beginning server creation ..
  Creating home directory ..
  .. done
  Creating administration group wibble ..
  .. done
  Creating administration user wibble ..
  .. done
  Adding new virtual website ..
  .. done
  Adding Apache user apache to server's group ..
  .. done
  Creating Webmin user ..
  .. done
  Applying web server configuration ..
  .. done
  Re-loading Webmin ..
  .. done
  Saving server details ..
  .. done
  All done!
  .. creation complete!

Command Line Help

Creates a new top-level Virtualmin domain on a managed system.

cloudmin create-domain --host hostname | --host-selector mode
                       --domain name
                      [--desc "domain description"]
                       --pass password
                       --default-features | [--feature name]*
                      [--ip address | --allocate-ip]