Developer Documentation

# Virtualmin

[Command Line API](/documentation/developer/cli) - Command line tools for managing Virtualmin.

[Remote API](/documentation/developer/http) - Remote access to the Virtualmin API.

[Pre and Post Domain Modification Scripts](/documentation/developer/prepost) - Writing your own scripts to be run when a virtual server is changed.

[Writing Virtualmin Plugins](/documentation/developer/plugins) - Building Webmin modules that interact with Virtualmin.

[Creating Install Scripts](/documentation/developer/scripts) - Making applications easily installable with the Virtualmin Install Scripts interface.

[Creating New Content Styles](/documentation/developer/content-styles) - Creating new content styles for the Virtualmin website editor, or converting existing templates for use in Virtualmin.

# Cloudmin

[Command Line API](/documentation/cloudmin/devel/cli) - Command line tools for managing Cloudmin.

[Remote API](/documentation/cloudmin/devel/http) - Remote access to the Cloudmin API.

# Contributing to Virtualmin or Cloudmin

[Contributing](/documentation/developer/contributing/) -- Contributing documentation and patches.