Creates an extra administrator for a virtual server

This command creates a new administrator associated with an existing virtual server. You must supply the --domain parameter to specify the server and --name to set the admin login name. The --pass and --desc options should also be given, to specify the initial password and a description for the account respectively. To specify a contact email address for the admin, use the --email flag followed by the address.

Basic permissions for the account can be added using the --create, --rename, --features and --modules parameters. These allow the admin to create new servers, rename servers, use Webmin modules for server features, and use other Webmin modules, respectively.

The extra admin’s editing capabilities for virtual servers can be set using the --edit parameter, followed by a capability name, like users or aliases. This can be given multiple times, as in the command below:

virtualmin create-admin --domain --name admin1 --pass password --desc `Extra administrator` --edit users --edit aliases

That command would create an extra administrator account who can only edit mail users and mail aliases in the virtual server and any sub-servers.

By default, the extra administrator will have access to all virtual servers owned by the top-level server it is created in. However, this can be restricted using the --allowed-domain flag followed by a domain name, to which the admin will be limited to. It can be given multiple times to allow access to more than one virtual server.

Command line help

virtualmin create-admin --domain
                        --name login
                       [--pass password | --passfile password-file]
                       [--desc description]
                       [--email user@domain]
                       [--create] [--rename]
                       [--features] [--modules]
                       [--edit capability]*
                       [--allowed-domain domain]*