Adds a mail alias to some domain, with simple parameters

This command allows aliases using auto-responders or other more complex destination types to be created more easily. You must supply at least the --domain and --from parameters, followed by a domain name and alias name (without the @ sign) respectively. The optional --desc parameter can be used to set a comment or description for the alias. To create an alias that matches all email in the domain, use the option --from "*".

To just forward email to some other address, the --forward parameter can be used. It can be given multiple times, and each instance must be followed by an email address.

To deliver directly to the inbox of some user (bypassing other forwarding), use the --local parameter, followed by a full username like user.example.

To bounce mail back to the sender, use the --bounce flag. This is useful if you have a catchall address setup for the domain.

To setup an auto-responder, use the --autoreply parameter followed by the text of the automatic reply message. The from address for automatic replies can be set with the optional (but highly recommended) --autoreply-from flag, and the interval in hours between replies to the same address with the --autoreply-period flag.

For example:

virtualmin create-simple-alias --domain --from user --autoreply `Gone fishing" --autoreply-from --autoreply-period 24

Command line help

virtualmin create-simple-alias --domain
                               --from mailbox|"*"
                              [--forward user@domain]*
                              [--local local-user]
                              [--autoreply "some message"]
                              [--autoreply-period hours]
                              [--autoreply-from user@domain]
                              [--desc "Comment text"]