List aliases for a virtual server

This program displays a list of mail aliases that exist in the virtual server specified by the --domain command line option. This may be given multiple times to select more than one domain, or you can have aliases in all virtual servers output using the --all-domains flag. To output aliases in all domains owned by some administrator the --user parameter can be given, followed by a Virtualmin username.

To get more details about each alias, use the --multiline flag, which switches the output to a format more easily parsed by other programs. To just list the alias names, use the --name-only parameter. To list full email addresses, use the --email-only flag.

In the regular table-format output mode, if an alias has an associated description and multiline mode is enabled, it will be displayed after the alias’s from address, separated by a # character.

Some aliases managed by Virtualmin are not created by users directly, but are instead created as part of some other process, such as the addition of a mailing list. Such aliases are not displayed by default, as editing them can cause problems with the associated mailing list. To include these aliases in the list produced by list-aliases, use the --plugins command line flag.

Command line help

virtualmin list-aliases --all-domains | --domain name | --user username
                       [--multiline | --name-only | --email-only]