Updates an extra administrator for a virtual server

This program can be used to change the details of an extra administrator. The required parameters are --domain followed by the domain name, and --name followed by the administrator account name, which specify the account to change.

You can then use the --pass parameter to set a new password, --desc to change the description, and --newname to change the login name. The admin can be allowed to denied the ability to create servers, rename domains, manage features and use other Webmin modules with the --can-create, --cannot-create, --can-rename, --cannot-rename, --can-features, --cannot-features, --can-modules and --cannot-modules options respectively.

The extra admin’s contact email address can be set or changed with the --email flag followed by an address, or removed with the --no-email parameter.

Editing capabilities can be granted to the user with the --can-edit option followed by a capability name. Similarly, they can be taken away with the --cannot-edit option.

To add a domain to the list of those an extra administrator is allowed to manage, use the --add-domain flag followed by a domain name. If all virtual servers are currently allowed, this will restrict the extra admin to just that virtual server.

To remove a server from the allowed list, use the --remove-domain parameter followed by the domain name. To grant access to all virtual servers under the parent server, use the --all-domains flag.

Command line help

virtualmin modify-admin --domain domain.name
                        --name login
                       [--newname login]
                       [--pass password | --passfile password-file]
                       [--desc description]
                       [--email user@domain | --no-email]
                       [--can-create] | [--cannot-create]
                       [--can-rename] | [--cannot-rename]
                       [--can-features] | [--cannot-features]
                       [--can-modules] | [--cannot-modules]
                       [--can-edit capability]*
                       [--cannot-edit capability]*
                       [--add-domain name]* [--remove-domain name]*