Changes PHP variables for some or all domains

This command can be used to change the value of a PHP configuration variable (set in the php.ini file and Apache configuration) for one or many virtual servers at once. The servers to update can be selected with the --domain or --user flags, or you can choose to modify them all with the --all-domains option.

If your system supports multiple PHP versions, you can limit the changes to the config for a specific version with the --php-version flag followed by a number, like 7.4 or 8.2.

The variables to change are set with the --ini-name flag, which can be given multiple times to change more than one variable. The new values are set either with the --ini-value flag (followed by a number or string), or the --no-ini-value flag to completely remove a setting.

Command line help

virtualmin modify-php-ini --domain name | --user name | --all-domains
                         [--php-version number]
                         <--ini-name name>+ <--ini-value value>+