Change the owner of a virtual server

This command can be used to move a sub-server from one parent domain to another, thus changing the administrator who is responsible for it. It can also be used to convert a parent server into a sub-server under some existing owner.

In this mode, it takes only two parameters, as --domain followed by the domain name to move, and --parent followed by the domain name of the new parent server. Naturally the new parent must be different from the old one, and a server cannot be moved under itself.

This command should be used with care when moving a parent server, as information that is specific to it such as the password, quotas and bandwidth limit will be lost. Instead, the settings from the new parent will apply.

The move-domain command can also be used to convert a sub-server into a top-level server. In this case, you must give the --newuser and --newpass parameters, which are followed by the username and password for the new top-level server respectively. The original owner of the domain will no longer have access to it once the command completes.

Command line help

virtualmin move-domain --domain
                      [--newuser username]
                      [--newpass password]