Change the domain name, home directory or username of a virtual server

This command is typically used to rename an existing server, selected with the --domain flag, and changed to the name set with the --new-domain option.

By default, the administration username, home directory and prefix for mailboxes will remaining unchanged. You can have these selected automatically based on the new domain name with the --auto-user, --auto-home and --auto-prefix flags. Alternately, you can set them directly with the --new-user, --new-home and --new-prefix flags followed by the settings you want.

This command can also be used to change the home directory or username for a domain without even changing the domain name, just set the --new-home or --new-user flags without --new-domain.

Command line help

virtualmin rename-domain --domain
                        [--new-domain name]
                        [--new-user login | --auto-user]
                        [--new-home directory | --auto-home]
                        [--new-prefix string | --auto-prefix]