Executes another API command over multiple servers

Some Virtualmin API commands can only run on a single domain at a time, so this command exists as a wrapper to loop over multiple domains easily. It can be run like:

virtualmin run-api-command --user foo modify-web --mode cgi

Flags to select the domains to operate on must be given before the command to run. All flags after the command will be passed to each invocation of it. You can see the final commands without running them by adding the --test flag.

By default it will operate on all virtual servers, but you can choose specific servers with the --domain flag which can be given multiple times. Or to limit the domains to those owned by a single user, the --user parameter can be given, following by a domain owner’s name. You can also limit it to particular server types with the --alias, --no-alias, --subserver, --toplevel and --subdomain parameters.

To only show domains with a particular feature active, use the --with-feature parameter followed by a feature code like dns or web. Alternately, --without-feature can be used to show only domains without some feature enabled. The similar --with-web and --with-ssl flags can be used to show domains with any kind of website (Apache or Nginx).

To limit the list to virtual servers on some plan, use the --plan flag followed by a plan name or ID. Similarly, you can select only virtual servers created using some template with the --template flag, followed by an ID or name.

To show only domains owned by some reseller, use the --reseller flag followed by a reseller name. Or to list those not owned by any reseller, use the --no-reseller flag. Finally, to list domains owned by any reseller, you can use the --any-reseller option.

To show only domains that are enabled, use the --enabled flag. To show only disabled domains, use --disabled instead.

Command line help

virtualmin run-api-command [--domain name]*
                           [--user name]*
                           [--id number]*
                           [--with-feature feature]
                           [--without-feature feature]
                           [--with-web] [--with-ssl]
                           [--alias domain | --no-alias]
                           [--subserver | --toplevel | --subdomain]
                           [--parent domain]
                           [--plan ID|name]
                           [--template ID|name]
                           [--disabled | --enabled]
                           [--reseller name | --no-reseller |
                           command [flags]