Searches mail server and procmail logs

This is the command-line equivant of the Search Mail Logs page in the Virtualmin user interface. It can find email messages delivered or relayed through the system by several different criteria, specified by command-line flags.

To search by recipient, use the --dest flag followed by an email address, domain name or Unix username. To search by sender, use the --source flag followed by a sender’s email address.

To limit the search to a particular date range, use the --start and/or --end flags. Both can be followed by either a date formatted like 2001-09-16, a date and time like 2001-09-16 17:00, or an offset in days into the past from the current time like -5.

To filter out spam or viruses from the output, use the --no-spam or --no-virus flags respectively.

By default, the output is in a human-readable table format. To switch to one that shows more details and is more easily parsed by other programs, use the --multiline flag.

Command line help

virtualmin search-mailllogs [--start yyyy-mm-dd:hh:mm:ss]
                            [--end yyyy-mm-dd:hh:mm:ss]
                            [--dest domain|user@domain]
                            [--source domain|user@domain]
                            [--no-spam] [--no-virus]