Enable or disable DKIM for all domains

To enable DKIM signing of outdoing emails, run this command with the --enable flag. Conversely, to turn it off use the --disable. A default key size and selector will be used when DKIM is enabled for the first time, unless specified with the --size and --selector flags.

By default incoming email will not be checked for a valid DKIM signature unless the --verify flag is given. To turn off verification, use the --no-verify flag instead.

Virtualmin enables DKIM for all virtual servers with email and DNS features, but you can add extra domains to sign for with the --add-dkim flag followed by a domain name. Similarly you can remove an extra domain with the --remove-extra flag.

Command line help

virtualmin set-dkim [--enable | --disable]
                    [--select name]
                    [--size bits]
                    [--verify | --no-verify]
                    [--add-extra domain]*
                    [--remove-extra domain]*