Checks if the mail server can RCPT to some address

This command is debugging tool for mailboxes and aliases, which can be used to check if some address is accepted by your mail server, and if SMTP authentication is working.

The --server flag specifies the mail server to test, which defaults to localhost. The --from flag sets the email address used in the MAIL FROM SMTP operation, which defaults to The --to flag is mandatory, and sets the destination email address.

To have it try SMTP authentication, use the --user and --pass flags which must be followed a username and password respectively. The --auth flag can be used to set the SMTP authentication type, which defaults to Plain.

By default this command will use an unencrypted connection, but you can force use of SSL mode with the --ssl flag or --starttls to attempt to switch to SSL after the connection is made. The --port flag followed by a port number or name can be used to have the SMTP connection made on a port other than the default (25 or 465).

Command line help

virtualmin test-smtp --to address
                    [--server hostname]
                    [--port number|name]
                    [--ssl | --starttls]
                    [--from address]
                    [--user login --pass password]
                    [--auth method]
                    [--data mail-file]