This tutorial provides a straightforward method for changing the password of a SSH, FTP, mailbox, database or webserver user for the given virtual server in Virtualmin.

How to change a user’s password

Changing a user’s password is a necessary task for maintaining security and user access management in Virtualmin. Here’s how to accomplish this:

  1. Select domain
    Locate the dropdown box on the top-left corner and select the domain associated with the user whose password needs to be updated.

  2. Edit user
    Click on Edit Users to view the list of users.

  3. Choose user
    Identify and click on the user whose password requires changing.

  4. Password reset
    Next to the Password field, select the Set to radio button to enable password editing:

  5. Enter new password
    In the textbox adjacent to Set to, type in the new password.

  6. Save changes
    Confirm the update by clicking Save.

Ensure you use a strong, secure password to maintain the integrity of user accounts.