Virtualmin can be installed in a number of ways, including an automated install script, which uses the standard package management features of your OS, and software repositories containing our software in native package formats. We strongly recommend that you use the automated install script to install Virtualmin, if at all possible.

Most people can just follow the simple instructions on the Download page. Return here if that proves insufficient.

Automated installation

Installation of the full Virtualmin stack using our automated install script. This is the recommended way to install Virtualmin.

Manual installation

Installation of Virtualmin and related packages manually. This method is time-consuming, and requires a high level of technical experience. This is not recommended, except in cases where the automated installation is inappropriate or impossible.

Installation troubleshooting

Troubleshooting common problems encountered during installation.

Uninstalling Virtualmin

Uninstallation, downgrading from Virtualmin Professional to Virtualmin GPL, and selective removal of packages.