It is important to have Virtualmin repositories configured correctly to make sure the latest packages are installed.

If you cannot receive Virtualmin or Webmin and Usermin upgrades on time, it means your Virtualmin repositories are either outdated or configured incorrectly.

How to re-setup Virtualmin repositories?

To resolve the issue, simply update the Virtualmin repositories. Execute the command below in the terminal via SSH. This command is designed to function across all Grade A and some Grade B supported operating systems and is compatible with both Virtualmin GPL and Pro versions:

sudo sh -c "$(curl -fsSL" -- --setup

Note: Script will automatically setup correct repositories depending on your installation type and version. Virtualmin Professional users do not need to take any extra steps.

How to fix Virtualmin repositories using Virtualmin CLI?

Virtualmin versions 7.5 and above have a new CLI command to fix repositories. It is called setup-repos and can be used as follows:

sudo virtualmin setup-repos