Configure Roundcube as default webmail

To use Roundcube instead of Usermin:

  1. Install Roundcube: Choose a virtual server to host Roundcube. Install it using Install Script feature.
  2. Setup webmail redirects:
    • In Virtualmin, navigate to System Settings ⇾ Server Templates ⇾ Default Settings ⇾ Website for domain.
    • Find URL for webmail redirect and set it to your Roundcube URL (e.g.,
  3. Update existing virtual servers:
    • Disable existing webmail redirects:
      virtualmin modify-web --no-webmail --all-domains
    • Re-enable with new settings:
      virtualmin modify-web --webmail --all-domains
    • Now, accessing for any domain on your server will redirect users to the Roundcube installation.