Getting Started

Installation Guides - Automatic and manual installation procedures for Virtualmin Professional and GPL.

Upgrading Virtualmin Software - Upgrading Virtualmin and related software from within Virtualmin and from the command line.

Step by Step Tutorials - Simple task-oriented guides for dozens of common tasks in Virtualmin, such as logging in, using email, creating virtual servers, etc. all in one big list (also available categorized below).

Installation FAQ - Have questions about installing Virtualmin?

Installation Troubleshooting - Troubleshooting common installation problems.

Repositories Troubleshooting - Troubleshooting repositories misconfigurations.

Setting up LDAP - Preparing a system to use LDAP.


POP3 and IMAP Configuration - How to configure common mail clients to download mail for POP3 and IMAP.

Spam and Anti-Virus Scanning - Explanation of Spam and Virus scanning features in Virtualmin.

Email FAQ - Have questions about the Virtualmin email stack?

Email Troubleshooting - Troubleshooting common email problems.

DomainKeys Identified Mail - Signing outgoing email with DKIM signatures.

Sender Dependent Outgoing IP Address - Controlling the IP address used for outgoing SMTP connections.



Website Content - Uploading and managing website content and data.

Free SSL Certificate - Instructions for requesting a Let's Encrypt free SSL certificate.

Web server FAQ - Have questions about web service and web applications in Virtualmin?

Website Troubleshooting - Troubleshooting common problems with web service.

Subversion and Virtualmin - Creating SVN repositories hosted with Virtualmin.

Git and Virtualmin - Creating Git repositories hosted with Virtualmin.

Using Nginx - Using the Nginx webserver with Virtualmin instead of Apache.

Multiple PHP Versions - Setting up multiple PHP versions on Alma and Rocky, Debian and Ubuntu.

Website Default Page -What is default website page?



Automatic DNS Slave Configuration - Configuring Virtualmin to automatically create and manage DNS slave zones on secondary servers.

DNS FAQ - Have questions about DNS in Virtualmin?

Domain Name Server Troubleshooting - Troubleshooting common problems with domain name service.

Domain Registration With Virtualmin - Use of the Virtualmin Registrar plugin, which allows users and administrators to register domains from within Virtualmin using one of several DNS registrars.


Web Development

PHP support in Virtualmin - Working with PHP in a Virtualmin environment.



Remote Databases - Configuring and using remote databases in Virtualmin

Databases FAQ - Have questions about databases in Virtualmin?


Administrative and User Account Guides

Virtual Server Owners Guide - A brief guide for virtual server account holders, covering logging in, uploaded and managing web content, and creating mailboxes.

Resellers Guide - A guide for Virtualmin resellers, covering creation and management of virtual servers.

Mail and FTP Users - A guide for Virtualmin mailbox account holders, covering logging into Usermin, and basic usage of mail features.



Security FAQ - Frequently asked security questions

PCI Compliance - Details on setting up a PCI compliant server

Fail2ban on Virtualmin - How to setup Fail2ban monitoring on a Virtualmin server.


Developer Documentation

Command Line API - Command line tools for managing Virtualmin.

Command Line API Examples - Example code snippets for performing tasks with the Virtualmin command line API.

Remote API - Remote access to the Virtualmin API.

Pre and Post Domain Modification Scripts -
Writing your own scripts to be run when a virtual server is changed.

Writing Virtualmin Plugins - Building Webmin modules that interact with Virtualmin.

Creating Install Scripts - Making applications easily installable with the Virtualmin Install Scripts interface.

Creating New Content Styles - Creating new content styles for the Virtualmin website editor, or converting existing templates for use in Virtualmin.


System Configuration and Maintenance

Backup and Restoration - Backing up and restoring Virtualmin virtual servers.

Server Upgrades and Migrations - How to migrate your Virtual Servers from an existing server to a new server, and how to perform in-place upgrades of your OS.

Virtualmin on Low Memory Systems - Configuration tips for running Virtualmin on systems with 512MB or less memory.

Mobile Devices and Virtualmin - Using Virtualmin on iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, or any other mobile device with a web browser.

Support Requests and Remote Login Access - Using the Virtualmin Support module to file tickets from within Virtualmin and get hands-on support for Virtualmin Professional and Cloudmin products.

System FAQ - System Configuration and Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions.

IPv6 and Virtualmin - Creating virtual servers that also allow requests on an IPv6 address.

Replication and Shared Storage - Hosting the same domain on multiple systems.


Cloudmin Documentation

Installation Guide - How to install Cloudmin.

Introduction to Virtualization Concepts - What virtualization is and how it works.

Using Cloudmin - An introduction to various tasks in Cloudmin.