Associate an EC2 address with a system

Once you have a static IP address for one of your EC2 accounts, it can be associated with an EC2 system using this command. The required parameters are --account followed by the account ID, --address followed by the static IP, and --host followed by the EC2 hostname.

When run, it may take several minutes before Cloudmin detects that the new IP has been assigned and the command can complete. Even then, it may take several more minutes for the EC2 network to fully route the new IP address, during which time Cloudmin may show the system as down.

To remove the association between an IP and a system, replace the --host flag and the hostname after it with --no-host.
EC2 will generate a new IP address for the virtual system, and make the static IP available to be assigned to a new instance.

Example usage

cloudmin associate-ec2-address --account 12345678 --ip --host
Associating with IP address ..
  .. done. Waiting for new IP to be assigned ..
  .. done

Command Line Help

Associates an EC2 static IP address with an EC2 system, or breaks an existing association.

cloudmin associate-ec2-address --account number
                               --address ip
                               --host namename | --no-host