Creates a new virtual system that is a copy of some existing one.

This command creates an exact duplicate of a existing virtual system, specified using the --host flag. The name of the new system is set with the --new-host parameter, which only needs to be the first part of the hostname - a domain will be appended automatically.

To set a description for the new cloned system, use the --new-desc flag - otherwise, a description will be generated automatically.

By default, the new system will have IP address(es) for it selected automatically based on the allocation ranges set on the host system. However, you can override this with the --address parameter, which can be given multiple times for systems with more than one interface. This parameter is mandatory when the host system does not have IP allocation setup.

Similarly, you can specify and IPv6 address for the clone with the --address6 flag, which can also be given multiple times. If omitted, the clone will have new IPv6 addresses allocated if the original system had any.

By default the virtual system will be shut down if running. However, for KVM and Xen instances with disks on LVM can use the --live flag to perform an online copy using a LVM snapshot. However, the filesystem may not be in a fully consistent state when this method is used. This flag can also be used to force use of a snapshot when the virtual system is down. If not given, a regular copy of the LVM logical volumes will be made.

If your Cloudmin system manages multiple Xen or KVM hosts, you can specify an different host system for the clone to be created on with the --dest flag. This must be followed by the hostname of a system that can host virtual systems of the type being cloned.

By default this API command will not exit until the cloning process completes. However, you can use the --background flag to have most of the work performed in the background once initial checks are complete.

Example usage

  cloudmin clone-system --host citrixsrc.home --new-host citrixdest
  Creating clone of Citrix Xen system citrixsrc.home named citrixdest ..
      Allocating new IP addresses ..
      .. allocated
      Cloning Citrix Xen VM ..
      .. done
      Adding DNS entry citrixdest.home. for IP address ..
      .. done
      Mounting new instance's filesystem ..
      .. mounted on /mnt/citrix-0b1b8691-98c6-af92-8fe2-4b0e864bab33
      Updating configuration files with hostname and IP address ..
      .. done
      Updating network configuration files ..
      .. done
      Un-mounting instance's filesystem ..
      .. done
      Refreshing status of original system ..
      .. done. New status is : Down
      Refreshing status of new system ..
      .. done. New status is : Down
  .. clone citrixdest.home created.

Command Line Help

Creates a new virtual system that is a copy of some existing one.

cloudmin clone-system --host name
                      --new-host new-name
                     [--new-desc new-description]
                     [--address ip]*
                     [--address6 ip]*
                     [--dest new-host-system-name]
                     [--disk-directory path | --no-disk-directory]