Lists some or all Cloudmin system owners

By default, this command outputs a table of all Cloudmin system owners. To switch to a more complete and parsable format, use the --multiline flag, or to get a list of just logins use --name-only. To limit the listing to just some owners, use the --name flag followed by a owner's login. This can be given more than once.

In mutiline mode, uptime, CPU and RAM usage is displayed for the current account period. To show the previous period instead, use the --last-period flag. Or to select any period in the past, use the --period-ago flag followed by a number of weeks or months.

Example usage

  cloudmin list-owners
  Login                Real name            Systems                               
  -------------------- -------------------- ----------------------------------
  freeman              Gordon Freeman       xenbacula.home xencentos.home
  joe                  Joe Cooper           xencentos.home xensendmail.home    

Command Line Help

Lists some or all systems owners.

cloudmin list-owners [--multiline | --name-only]
                     [--name username]*
                     [--last-period | --period-ago N]