Lists all registered SSH keys

This program displays a list of all SSH keys registered with Cloudmin, in a table format. To show more details, use the --multiline command-line argument, or to show only key IDs use the --name-only flag.

It is most useful when creating a system that will use SSH authentication to login as root, such as an EC2 instance. In this case, the key ID must be passed to as a command-line argument.

Example usage

  cloudmin list-ssh-keys
  ID         Description
  ---------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  1176512463 Jamie's SSH 1 key. uploaded copy
  1176512615 Jamie's SSH 2  key, in home directory
  1176513526 Amazon EC2 SSH key
  1176848976 EC2 generated key

Command Line Help

Lists all registered SSH keys.

cloudmin list-ssh-keys [--multiline | --name-only]