Output a table of all systems managed by Cloudmin.

When run with no parameters, this command outputs a table of all virtual systems known to Cloudmin. You can limit the display to a subset of systems using the standard options like --host, --type and --owner, have it output all available information with the --multiline parameter, or just show hostnames with --name-only.

To limit the display to only systems that can host virtual systems, use the --host-type flag followed by a virtualization type like xen, openvz or zones. Or if you want to get all host systems, use --host-type all.

To select virtual systems based on their host system, use the --host-on flag followed by a hostname.

Systems can also be selected by their current status, using the --status flag followed by a code like virt (Virtualmin) or down (completely shut down). Special codes that cover a number of statuses are also supported, such as up (running and usable) wm (Webmin installed) and bad (down or in-accessible).

In mutiline mode, uptime, bandwidth, CPU and RAM usage is displayed for the current account period. To show the previous period instead, use the --last-period flag. Or to select any period in the past, use the --period-ago flag followed by a number of weeks or months.

To limit output to the unique IDs of selected systems, use the --id-only flag. To get just hostnames use --name-only,--address-only to print just IP addresses, or --address6-only to print only IPv6 addresses. You can also fetch only system details that can be displayed quickly (without needed to poll the host) with the --simple-multiline flag. To switch output from friendly units (like 10 MB) to just bytes (like 10485760), use the --bytes flag.

Example usage

  cloudmin list-systems --type xen
  Hostname                       Type            Description
  ------------------------------ --------------- ------------------------------
  xencentos.home                 Xen             CentOS 5 on Xen
  xencentos4.home                Xen             Test system with CentOS 4
  xengentoo.home                 Xen             Gentoo on Xen
  xenrails.home                  Xen             Test server for Rails on Xen
  xentemplatecentos.home         Xen             Xen Virtualmin template for Ce
  xentemplatecentos4.home        Xen             Xen template for CentOS 4.4
  xentemplatedebian.home         Xen             Xen Virtualmin template for De
  xentemplatefc6.home            Xen             Xen Virtualmin template for Fe
  xentemplateubuntu.home         Xen             Ubuntu on Xen

Command Line Help

Lists some or all registered managed systems.

cloudmin list-systems [--multiline | --name-only | --id-only |
                       --simple-multiline | --address-only]
                      [--all-hosts] | [--host name]*
                      [--group name]*
                      [--type real|kvm|gce|this]*
                      [--os oscode]*
                      [--owner name]*
                      [--status status-code|"up"|"wm"|"bad"]
                      [--host-type type|"all"]
                      [--host-on name]
                      [--last-period | --period-ago N]