Lists uptime, memory and CPU usage samples for some system.

Cloudmin collects information about the up or down status, CPU and memory use of all systems it manages, stored as usage samples. Each sample has a time range, status (up or down), memory and CPU information, which remained the same over that period. If anything changes (such as system being shut down or having its memory increased), a new usage sample is generated.

This command lists usage samples for one or more managed systems, selected using standard flags like --host or --type.By default only usage that falls within the current account period is shown, but you can select a different time range with the --start and --end flags. Each must be followed by either a date in yyyy-mm-dd format, or a number of days into the past from the current date like -5.

Example usage

  cloudmin list-usage --host xencentos.home
  Start              End                Up?  Memory     CPU   Load  Disk
  09/May/2009 14:50  09/May/2009 14:55  Yes  -          100%  -     1 GB
  09/May/2009 14:55  09/May/2009 14:58  No   -          -     -     1 GB
  09/May/2009 14:58  09/May/2009 14:59  Yes  640 MB     100%  16%   1 GB
  09/May/2009 14:59  09/May/2009 17:04  Yes  640 MB     100%  30%   1 GB
  09/May/2009 17:04  09/May/2009 17:10  Yes  640 MB     50%   10%   1 GB

Command Line Help

Shows uptime, CPU and memory use by some virtual systems

cloudmin list-usage [--start yyyy-mm-dd]
                    [--end yyyy-mm-dd]
                    [--all-hosts] | [--host name]*
                    [--group name]*
                    [--type real|kvm|gce|this]*
                    [--os oscode]*
                    [--owner name]*
                    [--status status-code|"up"|"wm"|"bad"]
                    [--host-on name]