Resets a virtual system to its original image

This command returns a virtual system to the state it was in when originally created, by re-applying the original image. Alternately, you can select a different image to apply using the --image flag.

Be aware that ALL data on the system's filesystems will be lost when the reset is performed, so use it with care!

Example usage

  cloudmin reset-system --host xengtest.home
  Resetting Xen system xengtest.home from image xen-lenny-base ..
  Copying 147.25 MB image file to host system tanglin.home ..
  .. already in host cache
  Re-creating filesystem from original image ..
  .. creation started.
  Waiting for creation to complete ..
  .. creation has completed successfully.
  Mounting new instance's filesystem ..
  .. mounted on /mnt/xen-xengtest
  Copying modules for kernel 2.6.18-128.2.1.el5.028stab064.4xen to Xen filesystem ..
  .. done
  Setting root password ..
  .. done
  Adding extra authorized SSH keys ..
  .. done
  Updating configuration files with hostname and IP address ..
  .. done
  Updating network configuration files ..
  .. done
  Allowing SSH logins by root ..
  .. already allowed
  Un-mounting instance's filesystem ..
  .. done
  Configuring Xen instance for VNC console access ..
  .. added on display 1
  Starting up new Xen instance ..
  .. done
  Re-fetching system status ..
  .. done. New status is : SSH
  .. all done

Command Line Help

Resets a virtual system to its original image.

cloudmin reset-system --host name
                     [--image id]