Shuts down one or more managed systems

Shuts down the specified systems, as long as their virtualization type supports it. For virtual machines, Cloudmin will wait until they are completely shut down before this command exists, while for real systems it just runs the shutdown command, which merely starts the power-off process in the background.

Some virtualization types (like Xen) support a forced shutdown mode, which immediately terminates the instance. To use this, add the --force flag to the command line.

Example usage

  cloudmin shutdown-system --host xencentos.home
  Shutting down Xen system xencentos.home ..
  .. shutdown successfull

Command Line Help

cloudmin shutdown-system [--host name]*
                         [--group name]*
                         [--type real|kvm|gce|this]*
                         [--os oscode]*
                         [--owner name]*
                         [--status status-code|"up"|"wm"|"bad"]
                         [--host-on name]