Registering Host Systems

Before a system can be used to host Xen or KVM instances, OpenVZ containers, Solaris Zones or Linux VServers, Cloudmin must be informed that is will be used for this purpose, and must verify that needed software and kernel support is installed. The steps to do this are similar for the various virtualization types, but they all start with the registration of the host system itself, documented on the Using Cloudmin page.

Setting up DNS

When a virtual system is created by Cloudmin, it will be assigned an IP address and a hostname. To allow this hostname to be used by other systems, it must be added to the DNS so that it can be resolved - otherwise, only the IP can be used to connect.

Fortunately, Cloudmin can make use of Webmin's BIND DNS Server module to add these DNS records automatically. For this to work, the Cloudmin master system must be running a name server, and it must have at least one DNS domain configured, as explained below :

  1. On the master system, click on the Webmin link at the top of the left menu, open the Servers category and click on BIND DNS Server.
  2. If BIND is not installed yet, Webmin will inform you and offer to automatically install it from YUM, APT or Blastwave, if your operating system supports one of those repositories. You should click on the link to install it, which if successful will return you to the BIND module.
  3. If you want to create a new DNS domain for virtual systems (recommended), click on the Create master zone link above the list of existing domains.
  4. In the Domain name / Network field, enter the new domain name. If your company's domain is , we recommend a domain like .
  5. If the Email address field is empty, enter your email address.
  6. Click the Create button.
  7. Click the Apply Changes button below the list of domains.

Unless the Cloudmin master system is already the primary nameserver for the domain, you will need to add an NS record in that domain for with the hostnmae of the Cloudmin master system. Using Webmin, the steps to do this are :

  1. Login to Webmin on your primary DNS server, and open the BIND DNS Server module under the Servers category.
  2. Click on your company's primary DNS domain, like .
  3. Click on the Address icon.
  4. Unless the Cloudmin master system is already in your DNS, use the Add Address Record form to add it. In the Name field you could enter cloudmin, and in the Address field the IP of the Cloudmin system. Then click Create.
  5. Return to the Edit Master Zone page, and click on Name Server.
  6. In the Add Name Server Record form, enter for the Zone Name, and the hostname of the Cloudmin master in the Name Server field, such as . Then click Create.
  7. Return to the main page of the BIND module, and click the Apply Changes button at the bottom of the page.