Virtualmin Licenses

Before you can use Cloudmin to create a virtual system with Virtualmin installed, you must have at least once license that can be used for Virtualmin on that system. Fortunately, Cloudmin has a built-in license management and registration tool, which makes it easy to add and use the licenses you have purchased.

Registering Licenses

To aquire a new Virtualmin license and add it to Cloudmin, follow these steps :

  1. Go the Virtualmin website and purchase a license at .
  2. In Cloudmin, open the Cloudmin Settings left-side menu, and click on Virtualmin Licenses.
  3. In the Add Virtualmin license form, enter the serial number and key for the license you just purchased.
  4. Click the Add License button. Cloudmin will validate the serial and key you entered, then return you to the list of registered licences. The number of domains and systems that it is valid for will be displayed.

If you need to add many licenses at once, they can be pasted into the text box at the bottom of the Virtualmin Licenses page. Each should be on a separate line, with the serial number and key separated by a space.