Managing Virtual Domains

Once you have systems registered with Cloudmin that run Virtualmin, you can use the Cloudmin interface to create, find and manage domains on those systems. In a company with many real and virtual systems, this makes domain management much easier than logging into every one of your Virtualmin hosts individually to find a domain.

Creating Domains

Cloudmin can create new domains, with some restrictions - it only supports new top-level domains (not sub-servers), using the default template on the target system. In addition, many of the lesser-used options on the regular virtual domain creation page are not available.

To create a domain, the steps to follow are :

  1. On the left menu, open the Cloudmin Settings category and click on Virtualmin Domains.
  2. On the page that appears, click on the Create new Virtualmin domain link to display the new domain form.
  3. Fill in the Domain name field with the new virtual server name, like .
  4. Enter the owner of the domain into the Description field, such as Foo Corporation .
  5. Enter the administration password in the Password field.
  6. From the Create on system menu, select the Cloudmin system on which you want it to be created. There are also options in that menu have Cloudmin choose a system automatically based on free disk space, CPU load and number of domains.
  7. In the Enabled features section, select the features that you want the new domain to have.
  8. In the domain needs a private IP address for an SSL website, in the Assign virtual IP address field select either allocate automatically or with address. In the latter case, you will need to enter an IP into the adjacent text field.
  9. Click the Create Virtual Server button.

If there are no mistakes on the form, Cloudmin will contact the selected Virtualmin system to begin the domain creation. Any errors or progress output from the remote system will be displayed.