The config-system command configures a system and its services for use by Virtualmin. It is invoked during Virtualmin installation, but may be invoked later to either configure a new service (assuming the relevant packages have been installed) that was not enabled during installation, or to correct installer issues after they've been fixed by a new version of the virtualmin-config package. You generally only need to run it when it has been recommended by Virtualmin support staff, or you are adding new services to your system.

There are plugins, which configure one server (and its dependencies), and bundles, which a collections of plugins that coincide with installation modes of the Virtualmin

    virtualmin config-system [options]

        --help|-h          Print this summary of options and exit
        --list-bundles|-s  List available installation bundles
        --list-plugins|-p  List available plugins
        --bundle|-b        A bundle of plugins to execute
        --log|-l           Path to a file for logging actions
        --include|-i       One or more extra plugins to include
        --exclude|-x       One or more plugins to exclude
        --test|-t          Test services after configured (when available)


        A set of confguration options, to initialize the system for use as a Virtualmin system. Default plugin bundle is "LAMP", which configures Apache, as well as a variety of other components. "LEMP" replaces Apache with nginx.

        Include one or more additional plugins. Works with or without a bundle specified. Multiple plugins can be provided with this option, separated by spaces. If no bundle is specified, only the included plugins, and dependencies will be installed.

        Exclude one or more plugins from either the default bundle, if no bundle is specified, or from the bundle specified.

        Run tests for plugins, when available. Testing a service during configuration confirms whether it is in the expected state. For large plugin bundles this can make the process take a long time. Disabled by default.