Show general information about this Virtualmin system.

This command is useful when debugging or configuring a system that you don't know much about, to fetch general information about Webmin, Virtualmin,
IP usage and installed programs.

By default it outputs all available data, most of which is generated by Virtualmin's background collection job that runs every 5 minutes. However, you can limit it to a subset by adding command like parameters corresponding to sections of the full output. For example :

  [root@fudu ~]# virtualmin info host
      hostname: fudu.home
      module root: /usr/local/webadmin/virtual-server
      os: Redhat Linux Fedora 9
      root: /usr/local/webadmin
      theme version: 6.6
      virtualmin version: 3.65
      webmin version: 1.449

Command Line Help

virtualmin info [--search 'info'|'ips'|'mem'|'progs'|...]