Output the certificates for some or all virtual servers.

The virtual servers to list can be selected with the --domain flag followed by a domain name, or --user followed by an administrator's username - both of which can be given multiple times. Or you can use --all-domains to find certificates for every virtual server with SSL enabled.

By default, all known certificates and keys are output. However, you can limit the results to particular certificates with one of more of the following flags :

--cert - SSL certificate only

--key - SSL private key

--ca - SSL chained CA certificate, if there is one

--csr - SSL certificate signing request, for sending to a CA

--newkey - SSL private key matching the CSR, but not yet installed

Command Line Help

Outputs the certificates and keys for one or more virtual servers.

virtualmin list-certs --all-domains | --domain name | --user username
                     [--cert | --key | --ca | --csr | --newkey]