Adds or removes an allowed MySQL host for some or all domains

This command can change the remote hosts that are allowed to login to the MySQL databases owned by some virtual servers and all their sub-servers. The domains to modify are selected with the --domain flag, or you can select all (with MySQL enabled) with the --all-domains command-line parameter. The --type flag must be given, and followed by a database type to modify. Currently, only mysql databases support configuration of allowed remote hosts.

To add a remote system to allowed list, use the --add-host flag followed by a hostname, IP address or IP pattern like 192.168.1.%. To take away a host, use --remove-host. To clear all existing remote hosts and specify a new list, use --set-host. All of these flags may appear multiple times, but if you use --set-host the other two cannot be used.

Access from the system running Virtualmin is always granted, and cannot be removed.

Command Line Help

virtualmin modify-database-hosts --domain name | --all-domains
                                 --type mysql|postgres
                                [--add-host ip]
                                [--remove-host ip]
                                [--set-host ip]